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Great way of brightening up a laptop, mine was plain so got this to make it look better, it certainly stands out and looks great, also you get two smaller versions for below the keypad though I have only used one of them. It is easy to put on and easy to wipe clean with damp cloth so handy for keeping clean. Delivery is a bit slow but other than that it is not a problem but it is worth the wait

Mr. DJ

Awesome case for ipad gen 5 !!!! well, i have a silicone & plastic type bumper cover on my ipad, making it a wee too “chunky” for an average ipad sleeve. after several trials with all kinds of laptop cases, different sized sleeves, it grew kinda annoying trying to find anything to fit my “fat” ipad. i have seen this case (with very all kinds of different designs before & decided to give it a try. p e r f e c t !!!!! great fit, excellent protection!!!! now i know this is truly the only case for me !!!! very well sewn, no odd cuts & the padded shoulder starp makes it a excellent product!!! if i could give it 10 stars i would....


I had just purchased a 17" laptop and wanted to take it with me on a trip. the laptop is heavy and i had no idea how i would carry it along with my luggage. after searching for a while i finally found this messenger bag. i was so worried about the quality and the strength of the bag, or if the strap would be strong enough to hold my laptop. the bag has so much space inside. i also had my tablet in the bag along with other items. i must say this bag has surpassed my expectations. the messenger bag is beautiful and i want to order another one.

Sahira A

I purchased this pad for my desk at work. It is very pretty and slip resistance. Very functional!. This pad is soft and somewhat large. I really like it.


Very well made and I know my laptop will be safe when it is inside

Helen Robinson

I have a 14in. Dell laptop. It fit loosely so allowed the mouse and pad to be added. I have not put the charge with it so don't know if it would be tight. I use is for light travel. No shoulder strap, but that is okay. The handles are nice thickness.
One word of advise, set it outside when you receive it. It has a smell. It does go away pretty quickly if ventilated.

Amazon customer

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